A North Carolina elementary school displayed hashtags like SlaveryForLife for a 4th-grade Civil War assignment

An elementary school in Waxhaw, North Carolina, displayed pro-slavery hashtags on the classroom wall as part of a fourth-grade Civil War assignment, prompting criticism and an apology from the school system.

A photo of the billboard, posted on the school’s Facebook page, featured hashtags like “Slavery For Life” and a made-up account called “Don’t Stop Slavery,”

One comment made from the nonexistent account @dontStopSlavery said, according to Fox 46: “You may not agree with slavery but I do and I’m honest about it. SlaveryForLife.”

Another comment from the made-up account “Confederate4life” said: “Why do we need to leave the county. We can stay and our slaves! SLAVERYFOREVER.”

  • Waxhaw Elementary School asked students to write tweets as Civil War figures, and displayed them.

  • The tweets used hashtags like “Slavery For Life” and “Slavery Forever.”

  • The school district apologized and called the assignment “unacceptable.”

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