Talko Tuesday: I got nothing

I usually look around my house to see if there are any pet peeves that have gotten under my skin as of late, but there are none. I could talk about my vegetable plants but they are they same they were on Saturday but just a tad bigger because we got warm Sunday and Monday. Tomatoes love heat but…yes, this is important, they don’t like HOT sun; there is a difference.

Maybe I can talk about the pear tree that is covered in both black and green netting because I’m over the Blue Jays looting it. Nah, I think I already did.

What about the fact I want someone to just come in and clean all this old moulding, baseboards, grooves and cut outs in doors I have because my house is almost 100 years old (old architecture) and I’m well beyond over doing it? Oh, prerequisite: MUST BE FULLY VACCINATED. Yeah, I can add that to my list of qualifications besides you’re not bringing a bunch of cheap ass, chemically induced cleaners in my home. Here’s some vinegar; knock yourself silly.

So, other than that. I got nothing. What about you?

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