Kristi Noem Was Gunning For Top NRA Job

According to Axios sources, Governor Kristi Noem was selling herself to outgoing NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre to become the top gun of the powerful gun lobby as early as last fall.

Two sources said Noem had conversations with LaPierre, offering to step down early as South Dakota’s governor for the role of CEO or Vice President of the organization.

LaPierre resigned from his position in January, and Noem’s name came up “in very senior NRA circles.”

Unfortunately for residents of South Dakota, that didn’t pan out.

A spokesperson for Noem “unequivocally” denied the governor had had such a conversation with LaPierre, telling Axios she “loves her job.” 

The puppy-killing governor has been repeatedly questioned about her “conversations” with leaders, and says she doesn’t have conversations about her conversations.

Axios, Daily Beast