Last Call: It’s mental health awareness month

Since 1949, the United States has recognized May as Mental Health Awareness Month. Throughout the pandemic, everyone has suffered both slightly while others have suffered greatly. Our country lost 585K Americans to this horrible virus since the pandemic hit. Besides having lost loved ones, people have also lost their jobs, medical benefits at the worst time possible, fell behind on the rent or mortgage and other bills, even played teacher to their kids while trying to their own job if they still had one. Families and friends could not get together because they wanted to keep each other safe and free from this deadly virus. And the stress of all of this has affected everyone…don’t say that it didn’t; no one is that resilient.

This isn’t a Debbie Downer thread; I just want people to reach out if they need help or someone to talk with. If you know of anyone in need of help, please pass on the following the resources:

National Institute of Mental Health:

If you live in California, you can look up resources by county here:

Now, have some fun and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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