Fox ‘News’ links mass shootings and rise in violence to COVID-19 vaccination rates

Former New York City Police Department detective and Fox ‘News’ guest Pat Brosnan made the ignorant, yet not shocking claim for Fox ‘News,’ that the rise in gun violence and Wednesday’s mass shooting in San José can somehow be linked to COVID-19 vaccination rates.

“Once COVID starts to lift, these cowardly shooters will come out exactly in tandem with the number of vaccinations,” Pat Brosnan, a former cop, told Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner.

“You can be sure they probably got vaccinated,” he added, referring to the gunman who reportedly shot and killed himself.

Brosnan began his ‘analysis’ by connecting Wednesday’s mass shooting in San José to a lack of respect for law enforcement and an overall “lack of enforcement” of laws, which he somehow then connected to protests over the death of George Floyd, BLM and the “defund the police” movement.

Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner never challenged Brosnan’s ludicrous claims and Fox ‘News’ declined to comment.

San José Mercury News:

At the urging of Bronx Supreme Court Justice Alan Saks, the Bloomberg administration settled a civil wrongful death suit just before the case went to the jury. The city agreed to pay the Rosario and Vega families $1.1 million, plus $50,000 to a third youth, Freddy Bonilla, who was slightly injured in the shooting.

Two 46th Precinct detectives, Patrick Brosnan and James Crowe, responded. Brosnan and Crowe had both been bodyguards for Giuliani during his 1993 mayoral race. They testified at the trial…

NY Daily News:
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