Last Call: Saturday Night at the News Views Lounge

Really? It’s almost June? Where did this year go? It’s just flying by. Now that 2020 is gone, which I’m sure we all wanted that year to fly by, 2021 can slow down; we’re in no hurry.

So, any plans for the long weekend? Doing things that you could not do last year?

I wanted to go to a farmers market this morning and could not even find a parking place. After driving around in circles, looking up and down nearby streets for a parking spot, I left. I bought produce at our local, natural foods co- op.

It’s nice seeing people out and about, families riding their bikes together, but the traffic and amount of people all wanting to do the same thing that I want to do is ridiculous! I guess we really are getting back to normal and in so many ways, that’s excellent. It’s the daily mass shootings and violence that I wish were not part of getting back to normal. Unfortunately, in this country, it’s very normal, sadly enough.

Enjoy the long weekend and be safe.

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