Tennessee Hat Store Promotes “Not Vaccinated” Star of David Emblems

A popular Nashville store name HatWRKS has promoted its sale of a wearable yellow Star of David, a Nazi-era anti-Jewish emblem, bearing the words “NOT VACCINATED.”

A post on Instagram Friday showed the owner, Gigi Gaskins, smiling and wearing the star on her chest. The post mentioned that the stars cost $5.

Coincidentally, Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted anti-Semitic sentiments earlier this week.

“Vaccinated employees get a vaccination logo just like the Nazi’s forced Jewish people to wear a gold star,” Greene tweeted on Tuesday. Greene has also compared face masks to the gold stars.

After experiencing backlash, HatWRKS posted again on Instagram.

The hatWRKS Instagram page contains numerous images opposing face-masks, Democratic President Joe Biden and COVID-19 vaccines. The page also contains a flagged image pushing a conspiracy theory that claims George Soros and Bill Gates helped create the COVID-19 pandemic for global financial benefit.

Newsweek and Local Sources

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