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The World Without People (Do we deserve it?)

On Free Range Free Chat things can be a bit confusing. It started as a free chat forum with a focus on animals, but we can’t very well chat about animals without including THE Apex Predator, Homo Sapien, and that of course means we can’t talk about any of it without talking about the context of all this life, and that happens to be the planet earth. Our context– without it we’re suspended words, absent of a book to belong in, a context that gives us purpose, meaning and more life.

News of the Heat Dome which has moved from the west up to the Pacific Northwest, news of storms dumping flooding water on the East and Midwest, fire reminds us how all this seems normal now– every year it’s discussed, but this has been a banner year . Has COVID been our canary in the cold [sic] mine?

Stephen King’s book Under the Dome comes to mind. The real horror comes when the residents of the dome reach the point beyond which they can’t go. They reach edge of the giant dome and can’t go further –we may be about there, we’ve reached the edge of what the earth can do to sustain us, even as some people who seem to believe there’s a Planet B.

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