Liveblog - UPDATES: COVID-19 Cases continue to increase

The US has officially entered into a new phase of the deadly Coronavirus, COVID-19. The latest increase in positive cases has hit every state but states with lower vaccination rates have been hit the hardest. The highly contagious Delta variant is to blame and has even affected those who are fully vaccinated.

  • Branson Mo., and Harrison, Ark. have seen record setting increases in positive cases in this month alone. Both cities have a vaccine rate of less than 30 percent.
  • The Ozarks had the worst outbreak of COVID-19 but it appears their numbers have leveled off and even decreased in some parts.
  • Louisiana has experienced a big surge in new cases with more people contracting the virus than at any other point during the pandemic.
  • Hospitals in areas that have low vaccination rates and experienced a surge in new cases have set up overflow wards.
  • Wake Up Call: Vaccine holdouts in coronavirus hot spots including Louisiana, Arkansas, and Missouri are rolling up their sleeves as the delta variant hits home.


Sources: New York Times database of reports from state and local health agencies and hospitals, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Texas Department of State Health ServicesColorado Department of Public Health & EnvironmentMassachusetts Department of Public Health, U.S. Census Bureau.·Note: Data is as of July 30. Counties are considered to have set a record if their seven-day average count of new cases at any point during the past month surpassed previous peaks. Counties are considered to be nearing their peak if the average number of new cases has reached at least 80 percent of a previous peak. No C.D.C. vaccination data is available for Hawaii, Texas and some counties. Vaccination data from Texas and Colorado excludes shots given by most federal agencies.

How to trigger a *fullish* Wing Nut: Point out by using facts and not something one saw on the internet, so it must be true, that both cases and deaths from COVID-19 are on the rise….again. Bigly concepts prove *two* hard to understand for some folks…again.

Current COVID-19 Hotspots:

Positive and Negative COVID-19 News:

  • First off: Don’t ditch your mask because it appears those COVID-19 restrictions we had will re-appear.

The new advice is to mask up indoors if you live in a place with “substantial” or “high” coronavirus transmission. (The guidance for people who are unvaccinated remains the same: Always mask up indoors.)

So, what’s the level of transmission where you live? 

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