Last Call: August 28, 2021

Good evening and welcome from smokey, hot California, home of the GQP power grab to obtain the highest office in the state, governor. I won’t spend any time on this issue because it’s incredibly stupid. My thoughts are this: If one no longer wants Gov. Newsom as his/her governor, vote him out next year. But what we’re doing right now is just ‘fullish.’ Not only is it ‘fullish,’ but costly. The reason why I brought up the recall election to begin with is because I just filled out my ballot, voted no, stuffed it in its bright, pretty in pink envelope, signed the pretty in pink envelope, and put it in the mailbox. DONE.

Now onto more important matters….making dinner (in the freaking heat like an idiot, no doubt) and just hanging out inside because outside is just gross.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and be safe. Please mask-up, especially when interacting with MAGAts.

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Welcome back, America!