GUNZ: Ohio Man Charged After Claiming His Dog Shot Itself in the Face

NORWALK, Ohio (WJW) – “Said his dog shot itself and he trained the dog to bring a gun to him,” explained Norwalk Police Captain Jim Fulton. “The dog had the gun in its mouth when it went off accidentally. The officers didn’t believe that story.”

Later on Jonathan George admitted he shot the dog while trying to unload his gun.

“If that’s true or not, or he pointed at the dog and squeezed the trigger, we don’t know,” said Capt. Fulton. “His BAC was 1.7, so that’s a little over twice the legal limit for driving. Shouldn’t be drinking and handling firearms bottom line.”

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The brown and white boxer, Lula, was found conscious but with a serious gunshot wound to the head

While officers were questioning George, Lula, who had been lying down, slipped away, the Register reported. The dog was later found Monday morning at the home of George’s ex-girlfriend, who had been Lula’s former owner, the newspaper reported.

◾️Lula was taken to the humane society, where she received surgery but lost her eye. She is recovering well.

◾️Bullet fragments remain in the dog’s head and will require surgery later on.

◾️George was charged with handling a firearm while intoxicated, cruelty to animals and discharging a weapon in a municipality.

Sandusky Register

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