It’s 5:00 Somewhere

It’s Labor Day weekend already, so I believe that officially makes it Pumpkin Spice Season, amirite? I admit I pulled out a cookie mix — Betty Crocker/Pillsbury? — and baked some up in the air fryer this week. I look for excuses to lick the knife clean of cream cheese frosting, what can I say? Really, I’ll take my pumpkin spice in baked goods, and little else.

No weekend plans here, just another weekend full of labor around the house, and there’s plenty to go around. As most of us do, the plan is to work hard in order to play hard, because all work and no play makes me unhappy.

We are planning on one day with a drive with some friends to the water and sand dunes to check out some chicken joint. Maybe a little tooling around on a buggy. It’s one of the last warm weekends to spend at the shores of the Great Lakes. Soon, the breezes there turn to biting winds that make your ears ache within minutes.

At home, some barbecuing, some time at the fire pit, and some experimenting with the chocolate vodka I found. I’ve already discovered it’s quite delicious neat, without any experimenting at all!

It’s Friday, it’s 5:00 (Somewhere), it’s Labor Day Weekend, and it’s a free chat here at NewsViews. What is everyone up to?


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