Free Chat Friday, Week 37

Howdy News Viewers and Happy Friday, this is Friday’s Free Chat, a place to talk about the happenings of the week in all those arenas of concern — political, personal, cultural, national and local and whatever else comes to mind.

This is the place to PYOT (Pick your own topic); share and share alike. Naturally, it’s not a place for assholery or other bad behavior; our community guidelines against name calling, bigotry, spamming, trolling, thread hijacking and sending community members down the web wabbit hole by using links to random sites or publications still apply.

This is News Views, we know who we are and we do what we do; because we are a community, everyone is in the loop and operating under the same guidelines — that’s why the discussions we have here are the interesting, funny, informative and civil exchanges they are. Thanks for being part of it — now fill us in….. what’s going on in your neck of the woods?