Trump Super PAC Fires Corey Lewandowski Over New Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Corey Lewandowski, a longtime political adviser to Donald J. Trump, was removed on Wednesday from his role overseeing a super PAC supporting the former president after a donor accused him of making unwanted sexual advances and touching her inappropriately at a dinner in Las Vegas on Sunday night.

Mrs. Odom was among a small group of people at the dinner at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, part of an event held by the Victoria’s Voice Foundation, which focuses on fighting drug addiction. Mrs. Odom sat next to Mr. Lewandowski, who, she said in the statement, “bragged multiple times about how powerful he is” and “claimed he controls the former president.”

Trashelle Odom, the wife of Idaho construction executive John Odom, alleges that Lewandowski repeatedly touched her, including on her leg and buttocks, and spoke to her in sexually graphic terms. Odom said that Lewandowski “stalked” her throughout the evening.

Four people who were first-hand witnesses at the event corroborated Odom’s allegations. POLITICO also spoke with two people — one who was at the event and another who was not — who described conversations they had with Odom about the incidents immediately after they happened.

“On the evening of September 26 in Las Vegas, Nevada, I attended a dinner to support a charity and spend time with wonderful friends,” Odom said in a statement to POLITICO. “He repeatedly touched me inappropriately, said vile and disgusting things to me, stalked me, and made me feel violated and fearful,” she said, referring to Lewandowski.

Politico reported that Lewandowski remarked on the size of his penis to Mrs. Odom.

Also at the dinner in Las Vegas was Gov. Kristi Noem of South Dakota, whom Mr. Lewandowski has been advising for many months. Ms. Noem’s aides have not yet commented on whether Mr. Lewandowski will remain an adviser to her.

NY Times and Politico


Kristi Noem Denies Affair With Ex-Trump Aide Corey Lewandowski

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, who has already had a week’s worth of news happen before the end of Wednesday, has denied and attacked a story that accused her of having an affair with former Donald Trump aide Corey Lewandowski. 

“These rumors are total garbage and a disgusting lie. These old, tired attacks on conservative women are based on a falsehood that we can’t achieve anything without a man’s help,” she wrote in a tweet. “I love Bryon. I’m proud of the God-fearing family we’ve raised together. Now I’m getting back to work.” 

The story, published by a conservative online outlet called American Greatness, cited “multiple sources” who didn’t identify themselves but claimed the two, who are both married, have continued the affair for months.

The Daily Beast

I’m not vouching for American Greatness, but here’s the link to their article.

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