Last Call: October 2, 2021

Happy October! Happy Autumn! Wait, not so fast….The calendar may say it’s October and autumn but the weather gods don’t necessarily agree. As with several weeks running, I will say it once again; I truly hope this is summer’s last blast but, I doubt it.

My husband bought me two, large, rectangular garden boxes, each four feet long, to parallel the south side of a raised bed he built several years ago. These two containers will house various, drought tolerant grasses, low-lying shrubs, some bulbs, a mixture of ‘trailingers,’ ( yeah, not a real word but, I’m all about stuff trailing out of planters down to the scorched, dry earth), other colorful fillers, and a cat if he doesn’t stop trying to get my food. I don’t eat meat so I don’t get why he wants my leftover, udon noodles.

But, it’s hot out there so I only finished one container…well, almost finished it. I’m sure I will find other stuff to add to it then move on to the other one. However, that won’t be until much later because it’s freaking hot out there. And next week??? It will drop to the low 70s/upper 60s….20-25 drop in temperature but I’m really looking forward to it. Hopefully, it won’t be just a ‘taste’ of fall but the real thing.

So, I did something really dumb and weird, which I don’t know to correct. I’m also redoing part of my front yard; the other part will have to wait until next spring, especially after my latest, ‘brilliant’ idea. Since the ground is freaking harder than a rock, I decided I would just soak it where I planned to dig to plant these tall grasses. Welp, I forgot that I was soaking it and now I have a swamp. Seriously, it won’t drain.

I dug two holes Friday evening and they kept filling with water and I literally became covered in mud. It was a mess; I was a mess and had to hose myself off, OUT FRONT!!!, before going inside my house. I even pulled up a plant that I really I like and so glad I did so. The guy’s roots were saturated but I rescued him before root rot kicked in. He’s sitting in a bucket drying out and when I finally ‘drain the swamp,’ I will replant him but, I just can’t seem to ‘drain the swamp.’ My husband keeps telling me it will eventually drain but, I’m not known for having a ton of patience. I want to get my plants in the ground, not deal with mud, or potential root rot, damn it. I just want to finish what I sought out to do without any interruptions.

Huh, maybe the hot weather is a blessing in disguise—Just maybe, the hot weather will help ‘drain the swamp’ that has occurred under my bedroom window and I can get my plants in the ground. What I would have liked to have accomplished and finished today may end up as tomorrow instead.

Anyways…enjoy the rest of the weekend and be safe. Although COVID-19 cases have decreased in the last week or so, don’t get complacent. Mask up, especially when interacting with ‘fullish’ MAGAts.

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