A Subway worker from Providence, RI has posted a series of videos to social media showing him doing some horrific stuff with the food. Jumanne Way posted videos to YouTube showing him placing cold cuts on the rim of a public bathroom toilet boil, throwing trays of food on the floor and walking on them, even drinking from Gatorade bottles and putting them back on the shelf and more!

In an interview with Jumanne revealed his motive behind the videos: ‘Unfortunately, I’m a content creator, so I create controversial videos to be able to potentially monetize my audience on YouTube and other social media platforms.’

‘I just reached a point where I decided I would be willing to take a higher risk for a higher reward,’ he added, referring to the money he would potentially make from his videos as that reward.

Jumanne said he was worried about getting convicted for a crime and the consequences for creating controversy, but he accepts whatever happens.

✱The employee was fired and $200 was taken out of his last check.

✱Subway has not said if they will press charges.

✱“Subway and our network of franchisees take health and food safety extremely seriously and don’t condone any behavior that violates our strict policies in these areas,” a Subway spokesperson said. “While Subway restaurants are individually owned and operated, we have confirmed with the franchisee of this location that the employee was immediately terminated after he learned of the employee’s actions.”

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