Rittenhouse Attorney Accuses GOP Lawmakers of Fundraising Off His Client, Calls Trump Jr. an Idiot

Defense attorney for Kyle Rittenhouse, Mark Richards, accused prominent Republicans of trying to cash in off his client, and called it “disgusting.”

“They’re raising money on it, and you have all these Republican congressmen saying come work for me,” he added. “They want to trade on his celebrity, and I think it’s disgusting.”

Responding to a now deleted tweet on Saturday by Donald Trump, Jr., Richards called Don Jr. “an idiot.”

I don’t have to expand on that because it speaks for itself,” Richards added.

Donald Trump Jr. @DonaldJTrumpJr had tweeted:

Gun Owners of America is sending Kyle Rittenhouse an AR-15. Sign the card in support of Kyle. Americans have a fundamental right to defend themselves, and to keep and bear arms. The verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial is a recognition of those rights.

In another interview hours after the verdict, Richards said “too many people run around with guns in our society. I know people will go nuts when I say this—but there’s too many guns in our society. I wish our society wasn’t perceived as being so dangerous that people needed to arm themselves.”

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