Gym Jordan reveals he had COVID-19

MAGAt Extraordinaire, Rep. Gym Jordan (Idiot-Ohio) revealed on Spectrum News that last summer, while he was in Ohio, he had COVID-19. He did not provide any details on just how sick he got, though he said he “didn’t feel well.” He also didn’t say whether he quarantined or what treatment, if any, he received.

Jordan, an avid opponent of mask and vaccine mandates, claimed that an antibody test showed he now has bigly antibodies, so bigly he can donate plasma.

Jordan’s revelation that he had the disease — which has infected more than 1.3 million Ohioans, killing more than 26,000 of them — came after Spectrum News asked whether Jordan was vaccinated. Jordan didn’t directly answer that question, though he told Spectrum in early June that he had not received a coronavirus vaccine.

“Look, I think we’re way past this,” he said at the time. “I think the country is ready to move on and we’re done with this, but you guys just keep wanting to talk about it.”

Note:Scientists said research shows vaccination provides a ‘higher, more robust, and more consistent level of immunity to protect people from COVID-19 than infection alone.’” No one knows for sure what ‘Pumpkin Magic’ number exists to determine one’s level of immunity against covid-19. In fact, “getting an antibody test to determine immunity is a fool’s errand, infectious-disease doctors agree. The tests for antibodies, also known as serology tests, do not provide the answers that most people are seeking.” But, keep wasting your money, MAGAts, while the vaccines are free and safe.

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