Dems to Navigate the Punishment of Lauren Boebert, While Marge Handles McCarthy

The drama for lawmakers returns to Washington following the Thanksgiving break with the comments of Lauren Boebert accusing Ilhan Omar of being a terrorist stinking up the House of Representatives.

There is a faction of Democrats ready to censure Boebert or remove her from committees as punishment for Boebert saying Omar was safe in an elevator because she didn’t have a backpack.

But other Democrats privately worry that if they punish a lawmaker who admits a mistake and tries to make amends, they’ll be setting themselves up for similar treatment — or worse — under a future GOP majority.

Kevin McCarthy is pushing for a meet and greet between Boebert and Omar, but McCarthy’s new handler, Marjorie Taylor Greene, is tweaking McCarthy for playing peacemaker.

On Saturday Greene said the “Jihad Squad” was undeserving of Boebert’s apology, calling them communists, Islamic terrorist sympathisizers, and supporters of murder with taxpayer dollars.

Today, Greene continued.

*According to Snopes: Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) policies qualify immigrants as eligible to apply for permanent residency status (and later become naturalized citizens) if they are the “spouse of a U.S. citizen” or the “brother or sister of a U.S. citizen.” Why would Omar commit a federal crime and risk a prison sentence (and possibly her own citizenship status) in order to provide her brother with the opportunity to apply for something he would already have been eligible to seek?