Florida Man Shoots His Friend, Then Shoots Him 3 More Times To Put Him Out Of His Misery

Spencer, 41, in better times, and Hodges, 44


Investigators said Spencer’s mom called the sheriff’s office on Tuesday, Nov. 23, to say she hadn’t seen her son since Sunday night. Spencer lived with his mom. The mother told investigators she also saw her son’s car parked outside of Hodges’ home on 95th Avenue in Vero Beach. She also said she found her son’s phone at home, which she thought was odd since he always took it with him.

Hodges, according to the report, said he and Spencer had an argument while in his truck. They pulled over near 90th Avenue. The argument continued as they walked into the woods, Hodges claimed. At one point, Hodges claimed Spencer pulled out a gun. In fear of his life, Hodges said he wrestled the gun away and fired it at Spencer. Hodges said he didn’t know if he hit Spencer, even though the man fell to the ground. Hodges said he saw blood gurgling from Hodges’ mouth.

Hodges told investigators he didn’t think he had time to go for help, and he didn’t have his cellphone to call for help so he fired three more shots into the chest of Spencer to put him out of his misery, according to the report.

The arrest report said Spencer was found on his back, with his pistol in his waistband in his holster.

Lots more where this came from at CBS12.

According to the report, family members knew Spencer struggled with opioid addiction and recently had relapsed and was spending more time with Hodges.

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