Weekend Wrap up: December 05, 2021

It’s Sunday and the weekend has come to an end. Below are a few articles and events we might have missed but are worthy of discussion. And in case you missed the Sunday shows, we got you covered. Please feel free to add your own headlines we might have missed.

President Biden/Biden Administration:



8 infected with COVID, 75 quarantined after Marin County parents defy order to keep child home

Anti-Vaxxer Jailed For Sending Hoax Bomb To COVID Vaccine Plant

Most coronavirus vaccines work as boosters, with higher antibody levels from Pfizer and Moderna, study finds

Should’ve Gotten the Vaccine:

Should’ve Listened to Dr. Fauci Instead of Some Ignorant, Illiterate, Racist, and ‘Fullish’ MAGAt:

How to Trigger an Ignorant, Illiterate, Racist, and ‘Fullish’ MAGAt: Remind Joe, again, that his Fake COVID-19 claims will get his ‘dumest’ posse ever killed.

Pro-Trump counties now have far higher COVID death rates. Misinformation is to blame

The ‘Merican Taliban/Racists/MAGAts/Fake News/Gunz:

Hopkins teacher suspended for ‘violent, detailed’ comments about Oxford shooting

Cancer isn’t contagious, moron.

Police Behaving Poorly:

January 6 Committee:

The Sunday Shows:

The Former Guy:

Double Negative in Donald Trump Election Fraud Statement Raises Eyebrows

State News:

A blizzard warning in Hawaii but no snow yet in Denver, in unusual December weather

Ohio’s Finest:

Pandering to the lowest forms of life:


If able, throw a few $$$s Congressman Tim Ryan’s way.

Other News:

Smoke-tainted California grapes find new life as vodka


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