It’s 5:00 Somewhere


Welcome to a Special Edition of 5:00 Somewhere at the News Views Lounge!

Hope you can join us for a Happy Hour holiday cyber cocktail, while we sort out how many “shopping” days before Christmas, what’s getting axed from your holiday menu, and who’s on your naughty list!

I picked up my gift cards today and thankfully the kiosk of gift cards was relatively still and peaceful, while the rest of the shoppers in the store were busy picking up ingredients for figgy pudding and Christmas crackers.

Hubby will be happy to know I picked up some Christmas beer, and tonight it will be boozy egg nog for me — from the bottle, none of that stove-cooked crap for this girl. Fa la la la la, and repeat the sounding joy.

The sun is shining, the grass is green, but tonight I think I’ll believe in making spirits bright.

Have a great weekend, NewsViewers, and remember it’s 5:00 Somewhere!


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