Woman Arrested After Running Onto Tarmac to Stop Missed Flight

 53-year-old Vickie Meyers

The 53-year-old woman from St. Louis was booked into the Maricopa County Jail for running out onto the tarmac to stop a plane from leaving, the Phoenix Police Department said. The woman said she was late for her flight and tried to have the plane stopped so she wouldn’t miss her flight, police said.

Officials said the doors to the jetway were already secured when the woman pushed the doors open and ran through. The woman then ran down a flight of stairs towards the nose of the plane before she was contacted by employees.

Authorities said there was signage on the doors that started “No trespassing” and “Felony” in English and Spanish.


A man named Bryan Jones, who was at the airport at the time of Meyers’ arrest, shared a video clip with Phoenix news station KSAZ-TV that showed a woman standing on the tarmac beside an airport employee who was wearing a reflective vest. The video then showed police walking out onto the tarmac toward the woman and later leading her back inside.

“She decided to go out the emergency exit doors onto the tarmac and start arguing with the ground crew why she should be let onto the plane still,” Jones told the station.


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