Last Call: January 8, 2022

Still getting used to typing, 2022.

Goooood evening News Viewers and Happy Saturday night! We’re finally dry and not getting frostbite in ‘sunny’ CA; it was just a gorgeous day.

I finally got a chance to see how my urban jungle faired through all our rain and last week’s cold snap that gave us frost. My Creeping Charlie had to be pruned because the big, handsome boy had some leaves that looked pretty ugly. I’m concerned about my hibiscus plant; it looks like it’s on life support.

My son and I picked what we thought was a bunch of lemons but it didn’t even make a dent in our bounty. So—-looks like I’ll be busy doing a few things with lemons. I’ll probably just zest and juice them…dry the zest and freeze the juice because we do use a lot of lemon juice.

So how is everyone this lovely Saturday night? Any plans or is it just another night and you’re staying home and away from people? That’s what we’re doing.

Stay safe and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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