Florida Men Shadow Box For 2024

The former guy has been complaining more vocally about another Florida Man, Governor Ron DeSantis, saying he has no personal charisma and has a dull personality.

Trump is irked by DeSantis’s popularity among Republicans, and is trashing him in private because of the Governor’s refusal to say the “magic words” — that he won’t run against him in 2024.

*Mike Pence has also refused to say the “magic words,” along with Ted Cruz, Mike Pompeo, and Tom Cotton.

Others have openly said they will not challenge Trump, including Nikki Haley, Kristi Noem, Marco Rubio, Rick Scott and Tim Scott, and Josh Hawley.

Trump has recently touted the vaccines, and said politicians who won’t admit they got booster shots are “gutless.”

Looking at you, Ron. When Ron was asked whether he got the booster, he said, “So, uh, uh, I’ve done, whatever I did, the normal shot.”

DeSantis came back with criticism of Trump’s handling of the pandemic, saying he regretted not being more vocal over Trump’s early lockdowns.

DeSantis has dared to be ungrateful, and the former guy says it out loud: “Look, I helped Ron DeSantis at a level that nobody’s ever seen before.”  He thinks DeSantis didn’t have a chance of winning the governorship without his help.

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