Free Chat Friday, Week 6

Hey News Viewers, I know, I know, hard to believe it’s Friday again; too bad there is absolutely NOTHING to talk about 😁😉 . . . . Nah, kidding, there’s always the weather….

Remember back in 2020 when we thought that news would return to it’s Pre-Trump level of boring? Little did we know that in the absence of a Trump in the White House, the news would not clean up its act, get off the drama train, instead, it would just enhance, edit, choreograph, produce, narrate and spin stories to extreme sudden death levels of drama. . . . Finding a kernel of truth in the mire takes real research and honest discussion, so we love our free chats here at NV — pick a topic any topic, this open forum is a place to parse, to discern, to opine and other verbs of that ilk. . . .

I have to pull out Emily Dickinson for my yearly replay of her famous riddle which speaks so perfectly to what is real and what is illusory; what we miss when we search for knowledge in the places it doesn’t live, what we’re facing right here and right now when it comes to essentials like truth, honesty, reality. Today’s media, news, and truth crises are examples:

Finding is the first Act
The second, loss,
Third, Expedition for
The “Golden Fleece”

Fourth, no Discovery—
Fifth, no Crew—
Finally, no Golden Fleece—

Remember, it is a riddle, see if it speaks to you. In the meantime, what’s going on in the real world of you all, the NV Community? Whatever it is, Bring it on. (First I’m getting a cup of coffee or five, BRB)