Senator Marsha Blackburn averts a government shutdown and stops the distribution of ‘government funded crack pipes’

After the Washington Free Beacon published a FAKE NEWS article that claimed “the Biden administration would fund the distribution of crack pipes to drug addicts to advance ‘Racial Equity,’” several elected wingnuts, including Senator Blackburn (Idiot-TN) believed it and went on one of their ‘Faux Outrage’ media and social media tours. Senator Blackburn went so far as to threaten to block a funding bill that would prevent a government shutdown.

Although the Senator never admitted she was wrong and got duped by Fake News, on Tuesday, she said she would not hold up the latest stop gap measure to fund the government, which expires on Friday.

Last Monday was the deadline for service organizations and local governments to apply for a share of $30 million in federal money for “harm reduction” efforts to prevent disease, injury and other collateral trauma to people addicted to illicit drugs.

The original request for funding proposals from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration had listed “safe smoking kits/supplies” among the items that could be purchased with taxpayer money. They were among a dozen categories that included overdose prevention drugs, medication lockboxes, test kits for infectious diseases, and syringe disposal containers. The grant solicitation did not specifically mention pipes, although they can be a part of safe smoking kits.

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