Free Chat: They’re taking their country back by driving in two lanes instead of one

In lieu of our usual, Free Range Free Chat, I’m posting an update on those fearless Freedumb Convoy Clowns. Of course, this thread will serve as today’s free chat but with a different twist.

Those Freedumb Convoy, gas wasting truckers are living bigly today. Instead of circling the Beltway in D.C. by staying in their own lane, today, they plan to circle the loop only once but…plan to occupy two lanes instead as an “escalation.” They will also drive the minimum legal speed limit.

Organizer Brian Brase mentioned meeting with “members of both the House and Senate,” but he declined to answer questions about whether those plans were confirmed, whom they would meet with or where those meetings would happen.

“I’m hopeful that we have successful dialogue with congressmen and women and senators that help get what we’re looking for pushed through in a timely fashion,” said Brase, a 37-year-old truck driver from northwest Ohio. “If they don’t come to the table to meet with us or they ignore us, then every day it will escalate.”


Funny that—Congress is not usually in session on Sundays and Mondays tend to be travel days.

Who should be the next senator from California?

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