Mark Meadows Faces Questions of Electoral Fraud

The former guy’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, appears to have registered to vote at a North Carolina property at which he seems never to have lived.

When Meadows registered to vote in September, 2020, he was asked for the address “where you physically live,” according to the New Yorker. Meadows “wrote down the address of a 14ft-by-62ft mobile home in Scaly Mountain, North Carolina, and listed his move-in date for this address as the following day, 20 September.”

The New Yorker spoke to the mobile home’s former and present owners. The former owner said she had rented the property twice, the first time to Mark Meadows’ wife Debbie. While the owner was in Florida, the neighbor reported that Debbie and her kids spent one or two nights at the property, but Mark Meadows did not come. The former owner put the property up for sale in 2020, but Meadows never expressed interest in buying it.

The property was sold to a Lowe’s retail manager who heard through the realtors, whose information came from the same neighbors, that Meadows had rented the property when hotels were scarce during a local Trump rally.

When the New Yorker asked the current owner what he made of Meadows listing the property as his place of residence on his voter-registration form, he said, “That’s weird that he would do that. Really weird.”

It is a federal crime to provide false information to register to vote in a federal election.

The Guardian