Talko Tuesday: March 22, 2022

Good morning, News Viewers and Happy Tuesday. Can you believe the month is almost over and we’re now a third of the way into the year? With all that has happened in the last three months, damn, I can’t keep up, seriously 😐.

With COVID-19 that seems here to stay, WW3, etc.., 2022 bites. Yeah, I’m quite the dark cloud, aren’t I? Sorry about that, truly I am.

So, I’ll shut up 🤐 for now and hand the mic 🎤 (the emojis just keep popping up 🆙 as I type) over to you guys…or as my father would say, “yous guys” and I would come undone. He was too intelligent to be a stereotype.

What’s up 🆙 in your world 🌎?

Enjoy the day and stay safe.


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