Text Messages Revealed Between Ginni Thomas and Mark Meadows

In the hands of the January 6 Committee

Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and conservative activist, had been texting Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, and pressing him about overturning the 2020 election.

The January 6 Committee is in possession of 29 text messages between the two which took place between early November 2020 and mid-January 2021. The texts were among the 2,320 that Meadows provided to the committee.

When Meadows wrote to Thomas on Nov. 24, the White House chief of staff invoked God to describe the effort to overturn the election. “This is a fight of good versus evil,” Meadows wrote. “Evil always looks like the victor until the King of Kings triumphs. Do not grow weary in well doing. The fight continues. I have staked my career on it. Well at least my time in DC on it.”

Thomas replied: “Thank you!! Needed that! This plus a conversation with my best friend just now… I will try to keep holding on. America is worth it!”

It is unclear to whom Thomas was referring.

Ginni even made it to Fox News.

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