Talko Tuesday: April 26, 2022

Good morning, News Viewers and Happy Tuesday. Another month has flown by and left us. For me, it’s a clear reminder that summer–heat, wildfires, and dry to the bone earth are just around the corner.

Has anyone made plans for a summer vacation or getaway?

I’m a summer baby whose birthday is very close to our nation’s birthday. We thought about taking a trip with our dogs to Monterey and staying in our favorite cabins that are situated within walking distance to the ocean. Damn, they raised their prices incredibly and increased the number of nights you must stay.

We love the place, great grounds; everyone has a secluded patio with a bbq but, nah–it’s not worth nearly a grand to just get away for a few nights. And, that’s just the cost of lodging. Factor in food, drink, gas, and entertainment, we’re talking at the very least, $1500-$1800. I’m very frugal and this isn’t happening.

So, what’s on your mind? Any places to go and people to see?

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