Tucker Carlson Pretends Elon Musk Reinstated His Twitter Account

Tucker Carlson seems to be misleading viewers again.

This time it’s about his Twitter account.

Two prominent accounts from the Babylon Bee and Charlie Kirk were suspended for calling Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine – a transgender woman – a man. Tucker chimed in after those suspensions, and then his account was locked, and would remain that way until Carlson deleted the tweet that violated Twitter rules.

Carlson refused to delete his offensive tweets. And then on Monday, like a miracle……..

The Levine tweet is no longer visible on Carlson’s timeline, but Tucker misleads viewers to think that his account was reinstated by Musk.

For 60 seconds during Tucker Carlson Tonight, a Fox News chyron framed Musk as having “unshackled” the host on Twitter.

A chyron that read “MUSK BUYING TWITTER IS THE LEFT’S WORST NIGHTMARE” was replaced at 8:10 p.m. ET by one that implied Musk had set the host free from Twitter jail.

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