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Today’s Topic:

This morning Coffee Talk is going with a new twist. Chug that mug and get your thinking caps on straight. Today we are asking for WRONG ANSWERS ONLY.

Or…… did I mention that you could always talk about cats?

What is the name of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s house of worship?

Marge Three-Toes has gone off on the Catholic Church, saying she stopped attending mass after she became a mother because the leaders were pedophiles or pedophile apologists controlled by Satan. Okay, she has a point.

But she went off the reservation in typical wingnut fashion, dragging immigration — or, an “illegal invasion” — into the Catholic mud.

So again, today’s question should be answered with WRONG ANSWERS ONLY.

For example: St. QAnon’s Church of the Holy Space Lasers

Don’t forget, you can always talk about cats.

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