Meet Ohio Gubernatorial Candidate, Joe Blystone

Joe has himself a long lost twin also named Joe.

Joe Blystone is a farmer and business owner who wants to run the great state of OHIO!!! What qualifies Joe to take on such a daunting task? Nothing, absolutely nothing. His political experience includes voting, putting up yard signs, tossing a few dollars to his candidate of choice, and whining about current, political leaders; that’s it.

So, what made him decide to run for Ohio’s highest office? He’s bigly pissed off at Ohio’s current governor, Mike Dewine, whom he’s challenging in Ohio’s upcoming Primary. He’s still pissed off that his restaurant had to close during COVID-19 lockdowns. But most of all, he’s all about….FREEDUM! (depending on how one defines, freedom).

Joe claims he’s not anti-mask or an antivaxxer; he’s ‘pro-choice.’ Well, unless pro-choice includes a woman’s constitutional right to terminate a pregnancy then, he’s an abolitionist. Meaning: Joe wants to abolish ALL abortions because fetuses don’t have a ‘voice’ in the matter and he wants to change that. He even believes that Ohio’s ‘Heartbeat Bill” doesn’t do anything to protect the unborn because a woman can still exercise her right to choose up until a heartbeat is detected.

Did I mention Joe believes the world is only six thousand years old? It remains unknown if he believes Jesús rode around on a dinosaur and packed a long gun.

Blystone also supports the Second Amendment bigly. The protests following the killing of George Floyd really triggered him and he believes first responders should be able to do their jobs without fear of prosecution.

Like most GQPers, he wants to prevent transgender girls from competing in sporting events and outlaw puberty blockers hormones and gender reassignment surgery for children under the age of 18.

“…God made boys and God made girls and that’s it.”

Joe also supports Florida’s, ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill but wants to extend it beyond third grade. He also does not support The “Ohio Fairness Act” that would make it illegal for employers, landlords, schools, and other kinds of public accommodations to deny their services based on a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. 

You know again, we have these groups that want special privileges. I mean we all have rights. We all have rights. These folks already have the right to not be discriminated against that that’s the right now. And let’s talk about why would they be discriminated against? They have the right to be employed, they have the right to be in society, they have a right to assemble, they have the rights that everybody has but they want beyond that. They want special privileges, so no, I would not support any kind of legislation that gives any group, not just the LGBT crowd, but any group. Nobody should have special privileges.

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