Last Call: May 14, 2022

Good evening News Viewers and welcome to Saturday night. Pour yourself the beverage of your choice; grab a few snacks if you like and enjoy one another’s company.

I saw some music history; I found out that both B.B. King and Frank Sinatra died on this day, not the same year, obviously. I also found it interesting that on this day, Frank Sinatra denounced the Wing Nut Nirvana…Apartheid in South Africa.

And then there’s Bobby Darin who was born on this day in 1936. But that’s not what got my attention, His real name was what caught my attention: Walden- Walden Robert Cassotto from East Harlem, New York City. Ok, I grew up in an Italian-American family; most of my close friends growing up were also Italian-American; I worked as a wine buyer for an Italian specialty store; I sold Italian wine for several distributors but absolutely no Italian or Italian-American I ever encountered was named Walden…WTF?!?!

It reminds me of when I was younger and my father told me that a great uncle of mine lived in Gary, Indiana. I didn’t catch the ‘lived’ part. I asked him kind of puzzled, “I have an uncle named, Gary?” My father’s answer, because he could be kind of a smartass at times..apples and tree thing…”Yeah, sure, you have an uncle named Gary,” then shook his head at me. I’m pretty positive that as with Gary, I have no uncle or any relative named Walden either.

Walden—So in honor of, Walden.

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