Coffee Talk

Good Thursday morning, NewsViewers, it’s already time for another Coffee Talk, today’s free chat session. We all need space to share our off-topic thoughts, including our triumphs and troubles, among friends.

On mornings when we wake up and have a clean slate, Coffee Talk encourages you to fill up that mug and get busy unloading your random thoughts. And we are kind enough to give you a topic of the day to consider while shaking off the cobwebs of the night.

Today’s Topic

In a world of chaos and bad news, it’s always a good time to remember good times.

I’ll add my disclaimer that I had considered today’s topic before this moment went public last night.

The topic I had chosen was based on comedy performers, and I had found a clip of Robin Williams breaking down our choices of presidents, including what might have been a premonition of the future. Plenty of F-bombs, but Robin’s quick wit always astounded me.

So while Robin was dissecting the behavior of presidents and other politicians, W. himself was again making a fool of himself.

Name one of your favorite comedians.

My intention was to suggest hearing about stand-up comedy acts, but there is such a broad array of comedy performance platforms that I’m sure we’d be missing out on some memorable moments if the question were limited to stand-up acts alone.

I’m counting on you guys to give us something to laugh about this morning — because Bush’s moment wasn’t exactly laughable.

Happy Thursday, enjoy your free chat!