President Biden Invokes the Defense Production Act to Amp Up Supply of Baby Formula; GQP Votes Against House Bill

On Wednesday, President Biden invoked the Defense Production Act to amp up supply of baby formula. The 1950 law, which allows the government to direct manufacturing production for national defense, will prioritize key ingredients for formula production and compel suppliers to provide the needed resources to formula manufacturers ahead of other customers ordering those goods. President Biden also launched a program that will use U.S. military aircraft to import formula from abroad.


Also on Wednesday, the House passed a $28 million emergency spending bill to address the nationwide shortage of baby formula; 192 GQPers voted against it.


The bill, known as the Infant Formula Supplemental Appropriations Act, passed 231 to 192 in a vote mostly along party lines. All House Democrats supported the legislation, along with 12 Republicans who bucked their party leadership to support it. Four Republicans and one Democrat did not vote.

Full list of the pro-life GQPers who voted against the bill found here:

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