Free Chat Friday, Week 25

Happy Friday News Viewers, and welcome to our Friday open forum. Here any topic is the topic, within reason of course. I’m coming to you from Sunny Flawduh where I’m helping out my oldest and wife and dying of heat stroke hourly.

And Florida isn’t the only hot-hole — it’s getting hotter than it’s ever been this summer, and maybe thats the wrong word. My grandmother used to call weather like this, the hot, humid, sticky, steamy weather, ”close”, CLOSE as in smothering, enveloping, surrounding, sitting like a wet blanket on your head. … .


“close” seems to apply to the politics of the day — it’s a slog through mud, slimy, filthy and hard to manage, seemingly impossible to clean up. This week was more of the same—politics far too CLOSE. we need distance from it, solutions on how do it.

Some of these losers running our government at present are far too close, their voices in our ears, their words surrounding us like a virus.

Free chat is the time to vent about what’s going on around us, whether it’s weather itself or weather as a metaphor for everything closing in. So, what’s happening with you? Fill us in, what’s happening with you?