Charge Against Giuliani Backslapper Reduced To Misdemeanor

Rudy Calls Video “Deceptive”

A hoarse and angry Rudy Giuliani decried the downgrading of charges to misdemeanors in the Staten Island slapping incident, saying he felt as if “a boulder hit me” at the supermarket. Video showing the suspect backslapping Giuliani is “a little deceptive,” the 78-year-old former Trump lawyer said. Giuliani refused medical attention at the scene, but complained of swelling and “much more pain” due to the incident.

Suspect Daniel Gill, who has no previous criminal history, was arraigned today in Staten Island Criminal Court on misdemeanor charges of Assault in the Third Degree, Menacing in the Third Degree, and Harassment in the Second Degree, and released on his own recognizance by Judge Gerianne Abriano. The next court date is August 17, according to Ryan Lavis, communication director for the Office of the Richmond County District Attorney.

“It appears to be a tap on the back and not a slap,” Gill’s defense attorney, Susan Platis, had argued during his arraignment. “This is not criminal contact, it is very unlikely that the touch could have caused any injury. So to call this assault in the third, or even menacing, is a stretch.”

Gill initially was charged on Sunday with second degree assault.

Assistant District Attorney Darren Albanese stated that despite the fact that the former mayor of New York City had refused medical assistance at the scene of the incident, he was now complaining of swelling and “far more agony” a day after the incident.

This comes after Giuliani had earlier asked for Gill to be locked up, stating that he might have easily been murdered if he had been knocked to the floor.

Yesterday Giuliani said he felt like he was shot when a grocery-store employee touched his back Sunday.



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