Texas Republicans Threaten Lawyers with Prosecution and Disbarment if They Facilitate Abortions

Members of the so-called Texas Freedom Caucus

A group of Texas Republican legislators sent a letter to one of the biggest law firms in the U.S. threatening the company and its lawyers with disbarment and prosecution if they facilitate abortions, even outside of Texas, according to a report. The letter, which TMZ has obtained, says the 11 members of the Texas Freedom Caucus have become aware of Sidley Austin “reimbursing travel costs of employees who leave Texas to murder their unborn children.” 

The letter also accused the firm of being complicit in performing illegal abortions, adding that abortion is a felony in Texas if the mother’s life is not in danger. Rep. Mayes Middleton, the chair of the caucus who signed the letter, added that if Sidney Austin breaks the law, the firm and all its partners could be prosecuted and disbarred. 

The letter also said Sidney “may have aided or abetted drug-induced abortions in violation of the Texas Heartbeat Act, by paying for abortions (or abortion-related travel) in which the patient ingested the second drug in Texas after receiving the drugs from an out-of-state provider.” The message said there is litigation already underway to find out the identity of the lawyers who are responsible for the Texas Heartbeat Act breach.

The Daily Beast

The letter goes on to warn the law firm and its 2,000 lawyers … there will be new legislation in the next session of the Texas State Legislature that will specifically target law firms that pay for abortion or abortion-related travel.

The legislation would also give private citizens the right to sue anyone who pays for an elective abortion performed on a Texas resident … whether they pay directly or reimburse. It will also incentivize citizens who bring these lawsuits with a $10,000 bounty if they prevail.

There’s more … the new legislation would require the Texas State Bar to disbar any attorney who violates the anti-abortion law. And, if the State Bar refuses to act, then members of the public can sue the State Bar and get a judge to require the Bar to disbar the offending lawyer.


The letter was supported by the 11 conservative Texas lawmakers and concluded: “Conduct yourselves accordingly.”


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