Last Call: July 30, 2022

Gooooood evening, News Viewers and welcome to the weekend. Did you notice another month has flown by and left us behind? There is something special about August in my world. First and foremost, my youngest son, the attorney, was born in August. He’s a Leo but he’s so close to a Virgo and exhibits more Virgo tendencies (as he got older) because he’s so anal, like Mr. G.

And, when my kids were younger, I would start a countdown to when they had their asses back in school because I WAS over it. Over the bickering, boredom, everything—y’all need to get back to school. PLUS, where I live, in August the marine layer thickens and those Delta Breezes that we rely upon to cool us off from July’s horrible heat FINALLY kicks in. So, I welcome you, August.

What do you want to talk about? Anything particular? Or, what about posting your favorite music? We can do anything because….it’s Last Call and Saturday night!

I saw some of you talking about Sam Cooke’s, A Change is Gonna Come-here you go:

Remember 2009? A long time ago:

And if you love Sam Cooke like I love Sam Cooke, I highly suggest watching this documentary–same shit that may have happened to Billie Holliday:

So–you’re turn! Enjoy the weekend and seriously, stay safe!

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