Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Challenging Minnesota State Fair Gun Ban

Although Minnesota law allows permitted gun owners to carry in public — including at the State Capitol — gun restrictions are considered lawful in sensitive places like schools, other government buildings and the state fairgrounds, the judge noted.

“The Fairgrounds are a sensitive location with thousands of people and children present in often crowded conditions. As such, protecting the fairground from gunfire is a compelling interest,” Tunheim wrote.

Judge Tunheim’s ruling, coming less than two weeks before this year’s State Fair begins, is a victory for the Agricultural Society, which said allowing guns inside the fairgrounds would reduce ticket sales in the likelihood that music performers would pull out of the event.

Metal detectors were installed at the fair in 2020 after shootings in 2019 when when three people were shot outside the main gates.

The Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus said they may appeal. 

The fair begins Thursday August 25.

Minnesota Reformer

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