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It’s Monday folks, a fact you no doubt already knew. If only we didn’t know the rest of it — walls of water, crushed cities, wars and rumors of wars, temperatures rising, forests burning, animals and people searching for water, for food, for shelter, for loved ones, for hope, a future to hope for.

But we struck gold; we found hope in a collection of winners, people who looked at architecture in 2022 and saw SO much more than building design, they’re the 2022 winners and honorable mentions of the innovative skyscraper designs. Sounds ridiculous? Not so, because these designs are for skyscrapers that stand through tsunamis, that filter out viruses, and not just COVID, that convert our overload of CO2 into usable materials, that produce water, that are self contained through recycling and reconstituting, that make use of formerly wasted land from strip mines, that produce food in self contained skyscrapers, that provide safe living in nuclear zones.

Tsunami Park Skyscraper

People are often afraid of tsunamis. Technological advances have not led to sufficient measures to withstand tsunamis. When a tsunami strikes, people are still helpless. The Pacific Rim, which is linked to all four major tectonic plates, has the highest tsunami rate in the world, with more frequent undersea fluctuations. For example, the volcanic eruption in Tonga on 14 January 2022 resulted in a tsunami threat to the entire Pacific Rim region.It is therefore envisaged that a skyscraper will be built in front of Tonga’s long and narrow coastline. The aim was to reduce the biological and ecological damage caused by the tsunami. We use the edge wave effect of tsunamis to advance the tsunami wave so that the building is in the sea to dissipate it when it has not yet inundated the city.

Sanctuary Above The Tomb: Inhabiting Radioactive Marshall Islands

The inhabitants of the Marshall Islands are the most direct victims of the two major threats facing humanity-nuclear weapons and climate change. Between 1946 and 1958, the United States detonated 67 nuclear bombs on, in, and over the Marshall Islands, expelled hundreds of people from their homes, and buried more than 3.1 million cubic feet of radioactive soil on one of the atolls, covering it with cement-forming what the locals call “The Tomb”. For decades, the residents of Marshall depended on foreign aid to survive. Nowadays, climate change and sea-level rise not only accelerate the leakage of radioactive materials but also bring new threats to these indigenous people. a self-sufficient community system that provides clean water, food, and adequate infrastructure must be provided to the local residents.

Hyper-Mask Skyscraper for Pandemics

From this, we think that adding a membrane to the whole building can filter air is like putting a mask on a human being, so as to achieve the purpose of isolating and filtering indoor and outdoor air. At the same time, in order to improve the interior air circulation, we make the building blocks move in the horizontal direction that can pull the membrane structure to shrink and relax, changing the air pressure in the membrane. 

The City Chloroplast: A Skyscrapers That Absorbs Co₂ And Converts It Into Starch

In our skyscraper design, we designed different parts of the skyscraper, combining the steps and processes of carbon dioxide collection and capture, transportation, storage, and eventually starch production. The special membranes that collect and separate carbon dioxide are distributed in the main structure of the skyscraper. The collected and separated carbon dioxide will be transported across a huge transverse pipeline to a huge circular space for storage. A series of devices for the synthesis of starch from carbon dioxide (CO₂) and hydrogen are distributed in a large annular space. All the energy needed to run the equipment comes from the large circular rooftop solar panel.”

Air Purification Skyscraper

Tree Skyscraper In South Sudan for Water Production

The main purpose of The Tree skyscraper is to provide accessible water to the villages of South Sudan. The Tree unifies the new community while providing it with water for agriculture, sanitation, and everyday needs.

Skyscraper For Open Pit Mines

We want to transform former strip mines into the center of a vibrant city providing housing, public institutions, green space, and agricultural areas like an oasis in the desert. The unique properties of the given topography open opportunities for a new and sustainable way of living. We use the thermal mass of the benches to provide thermal comfort to buildings and use different soil layers for multiple functions such as living, recreation, and agriculture while giving space to the people, increasing biodiversity, and restoring the natural water cycle.

If the last week or two has led you into hopeless territory, there are projects on drawing boards as we speak addressing the issues we deal with daily, hurricanes, threats of nukes, droughts, homelessness, pollution.

This is today’s free chat— any topic is of interest as long as it’s sane and within reason, and check out the futuristic buildings link— there are many more in the article than I listed here, meanwhile, share and share alike— what’s going on in your world?

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