Michigan Boogaloo Boi Busted for Firearms After Biting His Dad

A Michigan Boogaloo Boi appeared in a federal court on firearms charges in Detroit on Wednesday and was ordered temporarily held without bond. The criminal complaint against Timothy Allen Teagan, 22, accuses him of being a drug user in possession of firearms and ammunition, and making a false statement with the acquisition of a firearm.

Prosecutors say Teagan’s firearms cache was discovered after a local arrest on October 25 for beating up his dad.

In an unsealed affidavit, it was revealed that Teagan took an unspecified number of bites at his dad’s forehead.

Teagan appeared in the federal court wearing a Hawaiian shirt, and told the court he might seek to retain his own attorney.

Another Boogaloo Boi in Ohio was in court on Tuesday, facing weapons charges, including allegations that he had acquired a grenade launcher.

Aron McKillups, of Sandusky, built homemade machine guns, stockpiled silencers and bomb-making materials, and acquired a rifle-mounted grenade launcher—which he later said he received in a trade along with some “primo cocaine”—as part of a scheme to kill as many government officials as possible before police killed him, according to a criminal complaint obtained first by The Daily Beast.

McKillips is charged with unlawful possession of a machine gun and interstate communication of threats.

McKillups often spoke with other Boogaloo members, and an occasional undercover FBI agent, saying that he wanted to destroy Facebook headquarters, and carry out a copycat attack modeled on the deadly 2017 mass shooting at a Las Vegas country music concert.

“This shit started out being a fucking way to kill feds,” McKillips allegedly said in an audio recording posted to a Signal chat room last year in which he talked about “burning down federal buildings and shooting federal agents.”

“That’s what we were about,” McKillips continued, according to the complaint. “The main fucking beginning was kill feds, kill police, kill government officials. Kill them. Murder them. Unalive them. Delete them. Get rid of them. And then it became ‘we’re gonna do this peaceful.’ Fuck that.”

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