Trump Org Suddenly Settles With Protesters Beat Up by Its Security Guards

Inundated with lawsuits and ongoing trials, the Trump Organization on Wednesday chose to settle with anti-MAGA protesters who were beat up by corporate security guards outside Trump Tower in 2015 rather than trying to convince a Bronx jury.

After three days of struggling to find jurors who don’t already have strong feelings about former President Donald Trump and his eponymous company—a difficult undertaking in liberal New York City—defense lawyers at the last minute chose to settle. Minutes after Justice Andrew Cohen sent potential jurors out to lunch at midday, Trump Organization lawyers approached the protesters who filed the lawsuit and presented them with a stack of papers that they quietly signed.

The Bronx—a diverse, blue collar borough known for its no-nonsense street smarts—is famous for the way juries there often reward plaintiffs with outsized awards, especially when punishing corporations and the rich. As legal writer Victoria Bekiempis recently explained on Twitter, civil rights lawyers have described Bronx jurors’ “Robinhood-ism,” and the way “they take from the rich and give to the rest of us.”

The Daily Beast

Thug Keith Schiller assaults a protestor outside of Trump Tower in 2015, Schiller later went on to work in the White House.

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