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Welcome back to another Monday, a day with a lousy reputation, but it’s not deserved after all, it’s named after the Moon. The name Monday comes from “Moon’s day” after the Norse moon god Máni. It’s derived from the Old English Mōnandæg, later Monenday and has iterations from the Latin for the Roman moon goddess, Luna, in parts of Europe.

Around here we love the moon. It’s the ultimate VIEW, we can’t help but look. And after yesterday, SUN-day, when we did some juggling of the Sun’s influence using our clocks, we need a Moon Day, to observe, to wonder, to surmise and theorize, to dream and to plan—that’s what we do when looking at the moon.

And what better day to do all that thinking, wondering and observing than today, the day before midterms, AND the day before a total lunar eclipse? On the day of a vital vote for our small piece of the planet, the earth, sun and moon align. So today, Moon Day or “dies Lunae” in Latin for Moon Goddess Luna day, when we look up, we see ourselves, earth, preparing to line up with the sun and the moon, our neighboring forces of massive power, wonder, warmth, movement and gravity.

Lunar eclipse, Nov. 8, 2022

This is Free Range, our Monday Free Chat here at News Views. All topics all the time within reason; it’s an amazing Monday full of signs and portents — the media calls these “Polls.” No matter what the media says the polls say, the power of the moon is greater than the power of a robocall, and as far as I know, only the moon can make the tides turn. . .

So let’s chat about those powerful moves, and whatever is going on in your world — the Lunar observations, theories, ideas and all else illuminated by the night sky in our neck of the woods. Whatcha got?

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