Ohio Man Accused of Pulling Gun During Fight Over Rooster

Says it Was His Penis, Not a Gun

Police were called around 2:30 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day. The caller told police that his next-door neighbor on Overland Avenue NE pulled out a firearm after a brief argument over a rooster.

Police said that while they were heading over to investigate, dispatchers were on the phone with the man who was accused of pulling out the gun. The suspect, 31-year-old Joshua Oakes, told them that his neighbor must have mistaken his penis for a firearm.

The neighbor told police that Oakes was upset about a noisy rooster in his yard and began climbing on the fence and aggressively yelling at him. According to a police report, the man said he asked Oakes to calm down and Oakes responded saying, “Do I need to get my nine?” The man said he then saw Oakes walk over to a vehicle parked in the driveway and grab what appeared to be a black firearm. He said he ran away to call police as he said Oakes appeared to be loading the firearm.


The report stated that on Oct. 10, Oakes was admitted to a hospital and a 9 mm pistol was seized by police after Oakes threatened to kill himself.

Oakes admitted to buying another gun, which he told officers was upstairs rolled up in a winter hat. Officers received permission from the grandmother to search the upstairs room, and they found a loaded 9 mm Sig Sauer pistol, the report states.

Because of the circumstances, the report states Oakes was arrested and charged with the first-degree misdemeanors that carry a maximum penalty of 180 days in jail.


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