Talko Tuesday: November 29, 2022

Good morning, News Viewers, and Happy Tuesday. I’m thinking we share stories on ‘customer service’ or lack thereof.

I get it–the pandemic really changed things but good grief, my experience yesterday was insane. In the end, I had a choice, yell, cry, or laugh. I yelled at first but chose to laugh afterwards.


  • My Kitchenaid took a dump.
  • This is the third Kitchenaid that experienced the same issue–Planetary (?) thingy falls off into whatever your making–my case, rolls on Thanksgiving.
  • In fact, this particular mixer is a replacement for my other one that was still under warranty, which did the same thing almost 3 years ago to the day.

Steps Taken to Resolve the Problem:

  • I called Kitchenaid.
  • Told my wait-time would be 90 minutes–Plugged in phone and put it on speaker.
  • I heard Sweet Home Confederacy (Alabama) more times in my life yesterday than ever.
  • Just when I was about at the 30 minute wait, the call dropped.

So, I drove my husband’s car to the shop to get repaired—some asshole sideswiped him and took off. After a few weeks, the parts finally arrived and I walked home.

Wash, rinse, repeat:

  • As much as I regretted it, I had to call them back.
  • Wait time 120 minutes.
  • Plugged up the phone, put it on speaker.
  • Same rotation of bullshit music.
    • “Don’t Stop Believing…” Never, ever want to hear that song again.
    • “Sweet Home Alabama—oh sweet home!” NEVER, EVER, EVER AGAIN. Hated it then, hate it even more today.
    • “R-E-S-P-E-C-T” Aretha had better songs; won’t miss this one.
  • While on hold, I tore apart a holiday arrangement I made that I wasn’t loving and redid it. I also dusted, swept my floors, and put away some platters we used on Thanksgiving Day.
  • Played a few games on my iPad.
  • FINALLY! But…no resolution with my issue because…I asked the somewhat dingy woman if she needed my phone number to call me back in the even the call drops but, Kitchenaid doesn’t do that.
  • Right when she got to the point of how and where I need to ship the heavy beast (OHIO!) to get it repaired….THE CALL DROPPED!
  • Yes, a big, loud, F*** was shouted….and then I laughed and finished putting stuff away.

I’m done. My husband said he would look at it this weekend and if he can’t fix it…oh, well. I do have an older Kitchenaid from the 90s that is smaller but it’s a workhorse and has never let me. down. It’s just too small. If I decide to replace my beast, it’s not going to be with another Kitchenaid. I spent part of last night doing my research on other brands and when I’m ready to buy, I will choose something else.

Fun Part? I filled out a survey/questionnaire they sent me this morning to rate our call. I think one question I gave them two stars at the most. The rest–zeros or one star.

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