TFG Admits to Taking Documents from the White House

The DoJ has been investigating into whether TFG broke any laws by taking some parting gifts, (classified documents), from the White House to Mar a Lago when We the People kicked his orange ass out of there in 2021.

On Monday, TFG took to his wannabe Twitter knock off, (Un)Truth Social and admitted he did, indeed, take documents but he was so ‘open’ and ‘transparent’ about it. Like that means anything or is some sort of criminal defense.

TFG also launched several attacks against special counsel, Jack Smith:

As a reminder, a few months ago, TFG claimed the FBI or the National Archives planted the documents TFG just admitted to looting. In fact, “a U.S. judge reviewing records seized from Donald Trump’s Florida home asked the former president’s lawyers on Thursday to provide any evidence casting doubt on the integrity of the documents, which Trump has made unsubstantiated claims were planted by FBI agents.”

In Case You Are Interested:

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